Sculptor of Wall Street's bull wants 'Fearless Girl' moved

Apr 13, 2017, 01:37
Sculptor of Wall Street's bull wants 'Fearless Girl' moved

Siegel says he already demanded the city release documents showing what procedures were followed.

Di Modica whispered, barely able to finish his sentence and touching his chest.

The creator of Wall Street's Charging Bull statue charged Wednesday that the sculpture installed near his iconic piece is more advertising than artwork - and makes his bronze beast look bad. Gender equality is a very serious and substantial issue. "But the questions are because there are other issues". Di Modica planned to appear at a press conference Wednesday.

This statue of a young girl, standing with hands on her hips and feet braced in an apparent show of courage, now stands on a traffic island facing down the "Charging Bull".

The installation was supposed to come down after a few weeks, but the little girl was so popular, thousands of people signed a petition to keep her on Wall Street. "We wanted this wonderful contrast".

The firm that commissioned the statue said it was "grateful" to those "who have responded so enthusiastically" to its message of "the power and potential of having more women in leadership".

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They also drew inspiration from Di Modica's surprise installment, albeit with a permit, and dropped her off in the middle of the night. "Women, girls, that's great, but that's not what that is".

Di Modica and his attorney, ex-New York Civil Liberties Union director Norman Siegel, said the statue of the ponytailed girl in high-top sneakers was a promotion for statue sponsor State Street Global Advisors. While the statue has garnered favorable worldwide attention for its message of female empowerment, 76-year-old sculptor Di Modica is reportedly not a fan. "I put it there for art". "My bull is a symbol for America".

Wall Street's new "Fearless Girl" is getting her first lesson in manspreading. One "Fearless Girl" at a time. "She's there attacking the bull", he added.

"The girl has changed the meaning of the bull forever", said David Levi Strauss from the Manhattan School of Visual Arts.

Siegel said he filed several FOIL requests to discover if the Mayor's Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management and Street Activity Permit Office had any dealings or communication with State Street before the statute went up.

'How did the process happen and should permit be revoked?' his lawyer said in an interview.

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