Zelda on Switch actually outsold the hardware itself in March

Apr 30, 2017, 01:04
Zelda on Switch actually outsold the hardware itself in March

The New 2DS XL combines the pricing and features of the 2DS with the design and performance of the New 3DS XL.

Nintendo has unveiled a new model of its 3DS handheld family, the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

The most noticeable difference between the 2DS and the New 2DS XL is its new foldable clamshell design that looks more like 3DS systems compared to the wedge-like design of the 2DS. Super Mario Run was also mentioned, but no numbers were listed for the game.

Two colour options will be available when it launches on 28th July - "Black + Turquoise" and "White + Orange". It has taken features from both the New 3DS and original 2DS in order to create a fascinating way to play on the go.

Latest update on April 28, 2017 at 10:25 AM by PaulRubens. Plus, it adds a new C-stick control for things like camera angles above the ABXY buttons, a step up from the standard 2DS. But on the other hand, with the two screens, with the 3D capability, there are experiences that we will create for the 3DS family that you can't have on Nintendo Switch.

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The New Nintendo 2DS XL will cost AU $200 in Australia. Like its direct predecessor, the New 2DS XL does not include support for autostereoscopic 3D visuals (the name is a bit of a giveaway).

Amiibo sold 9.1 million figures and 9.3 million cards for the entire fiscal year. Nintendo has yet to make an announcement for Europe, and as always, it won't be officially available in India.

The system's release coincides with the debut of 2D platformer Hey! What's more, new games will launch alongside the console (in the United States, at least): Hey!

According to the company, "1-2-Switch, which was also released at the same time as Nintendo Switch, is likewise on track to ship one million units very soon".