Britain Bans New Gasoline Cars, Environmentalists Mad They Didn't Go Further

Jul 28, 2017, 00:19
Britain Bans New Gasoline Cars, Environmentalists Mad They Didn't Go Further

The Government's new air quality plan will stipulate that all new cars and vans should be electric by 2040.

The plan, expected Wednesday, aims to start removing gasoline and diesel engines in 2040.

The ban forms part of the UK Plan for Tackling Roadside Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations, the government's £3 billion vision for improving the nation's air quality.

The environmental push comes as the United Kingdom plans to invest more than 800 million pounds ($1 billion) in driverless and zero-emission technology and outlined plans to invest 246 million pounds in battery technology research.

"The government has trumpeted some promising measures with its air quality plans, but we need to see the detail", said CEO James Thornton.

Plans include the retrofitting of buses and other public transport, the remapping of roads as well as altering roundabouts, speed humps and the reprogramming of traffic lights.

If these measures fail, local authorities could introduce restrictions, such as charging zones, or stopping certain cars from using designated roads at set times.

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In addition, the 103-page report accompanying yesterday's announcement makes no mention of tractors or other farm vehicles.

"His Cabinet colleague, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, added climate change, not just the estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year in the United Kingdom caused by pollution meant "we can't carry on with diesel and petrol cars"., not just because of the health problems that they cause but also because the emissions they cause would mean we would accelerate climate change, do damage to our planet and to the next generation". It is very important, he purchased that everyone gears up for the big change which deals not only with health problems emissions cause, but broader problems related to the accelerating of climate change.

Cllr Nick Peel, Bolton Council " s executive cabinet member for environmental services, believes that huge infrastructure investment - particularly in charging points for electic vehicles - will be required to deliver this "massive cultural change'.

Greenpeace UK said 2040 was "far too late" and called for the UK to "lead the world in clean transport revolution".

All cars allowed to be sold in the United Kingdom have to adhere to exactly the same emission limits, regardless of size or shape. Alternative fuel vehicle sales totaled less than 100,000.

Most recently, France's Environment Minister unveiled plans to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. These will include hybrids - these combine petrol or diesel engines with electric motors and are now significantly growing in popularity.

And this week, German carmaker BMW said an all-electric Mini would join the fleet of vehicles produced at its Oxford, England, plant in 2019. According to analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, almost 80 percent of cars purchased in the 2040 would be electric under existing policies.