UN Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea

Aug 07, 2017, 00:55
UN Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea

The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved tough new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday including a ban on exports worth over $1 billion - a huge bite in its total exports, valued at $3 billion past year.

"To have China stand with us, along with Japan and South Korea and the rest of the global community telling North Korea to do this, it's pretty impactful".

Thornton made the comments to reporters during an global meeting of foreign ministers in Manila.

"The North Korean threat has not left us". This represents one-third of last year's exports.

Haley said before entering the chamber to vote.

This comes after Pyongyang's first successful tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US mainland.

The goal is to halt North Korea's aggressive pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles capable of striking the USA and elsewhere, a mission given added urgency after two intercontinental ballistic missile tests occurred in July.

Tillerson also said the United States wants to talk eventually with North Korea but thinks discussions would not be productive if the Pyongyang comes with the intention of maintaining its nuclear weapons.

Washington gave a new twist to the blockade against its archenemy yesterday, at the UN Security Council, by securing the support of China and Russian Federation to new sanctions against Pyongyang.

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Moreover, it subjects nine North Korean individuals and four entities to asset freezes and travel bans.

The UN Security Council resolution was adopted in response to the DPRK's ballistic missile launches on July 3 and 28, which the country has claimed were of "intercontinental" range.

"We hope the parties concerned will immediately take effective action to prevent the situation from further escalating, create conditions for the resumption of talks and exert efforts to bring back at an early date the nuclear issue of the peninsula to the right track of seeking a peaceful solution through dialogue and consultation".

The resolution would ban Pyongyang's exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood.

"The United States was able to get a pretty strong resolution here that will hit North Korea where it hurts economically", says Ankit Panda, who writes about North Korea for the online magazine, The Diplomat.

President Trump has used different strategies, from charm to Twitter criticism, to urge China to put more pressure on North Korea over its nuclear program.

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security adviser, said in an interview Saturday on MSNBC that a military option was still under consideration for dealing with the North Korean threat, but that the United States and its allies wanted first to exhaust all other options to resolve the standoff with Pyongyang peacefully.

Oil was not included in the draft resolution and neither are new air restrictions.