EU Leaders Reaffirm Commitment To Iran Nuclear Deal Despite Trump Opposition

Oct 21, 2017, 00:40
EU Leaders Reaffirm Commitment To Iran Nuclear Deal Despite Trump Opposition

Reinstating old nuclear sanctions on Iran for non-nuclear reasons, however, is a violation of the agreement. Yet, according to the Institute for Science and International Security, as of the last quarterly report released in August, the IAEA had not visited any military site in Iran since implementation day.

The American leader called for the deal to be amended to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles. The fact that Tehran could not accept these terms and that the Trump administration is likely to enforce them increases the likelihood of the crisis escalating.

President Trump also accused Iran of "destabilising activities" in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and imposed sanctions on the powerful Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

After almost 40 years of pursuing confrontational, zero-sum strategies toward Iran, the United States has only seen its regional influence wither and its autocratic allies prove unsustainable, while Iran has emerged as a major regional power.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Khamenei's remarks came five days after US President Donald Trump decertified the Iranian nuclear deal, asking the Congress to address the "many serious flaws" in the worldwide agreement.

It comes after the blonde-haired supremo threatened to pull out of a 2015 deal aimed at cutting Iran's nuclear development programme.

The White House fact sheet outlining Trump's new Iran policy accuses Iran of "unrelenting hostility to Israel".

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Other concerns about the Iranian threat include its role as "the world's leading supporter of terrorism", which primarily refers to its support for Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, offered similar praise for the new USA posture, saying in a statement that President Trump "has created an opportunity to fix this bad deal, to roll back Iran's aggression and to confront its criminal support of terrorism".

Trump's refusal to recertify Iran's compliance with the JCPOA came one day after the U.S. announced it would withdraw from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The United States is returning to its original mission of prevention.

The US Congress is expected to continue to try and please all parties. But he placed the onus on Congress to add new terms not covered by the JCPOA, including sunset clauses and ballistic missiles. As such, it is clear that rather than combating Iran's threatening posture, the influx of money thrust into the Iranian economy, coupled with ambiguities in the text of the agreement, have had the reverse effect of emboldening the Iranian regime and fortifying its hegemonic ambitions.

In order to enact Trump's requested legislation, GOP senators would have to muster 60 votes, including eight Democrats, which is unlikely.

The letter warned the United States about unilateral withdrawal from the agreement and said it would have "far-reaching adverse consequences for the security of the United States and America's standing in the world".

The Jerusalem Post reported in October and July that Iran made more than 30 attempts to obtain equipment for its nuclear and missile programs in 2016. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) said, "it would irreparably harm America's ability to negotiate future nonproliferation agreements".

"And secondly, screw around with the deal that has already been made because the message is, don't make a deal with the United States, they won't keep their word", he said.

This is particularly disturbing in light of the volatile standoff between the United States and nuclear-armed North Korea.