Facebook brings Messenger payments to France and the UK

Nov 08, 2017, 00:39
Facebook brings Messenger payments to France and the UK

Whether you're sending someone money for your share of the check, or you're splitting a group gift, payments in Messenger is super convenient.

"Plus, since payments in Messenger use debit cards, as with any other debit card payment, if there are unauthorized charges, people have recourse with their bank".

Facebook has let users send money to friends and family through its Facebook Messenger app for well over two years.

This is the first time Messenger has extended payments since launching in the US.

"'With P2P [peer-to-peer] payments, this paves the path to us enabling small and large businesses to accept payments inside of Messenger", said David Marcus, who leads Facebook's Messenger team.

The money is then instantly credited to the friend's account. This was not an issue when the service launched exclusively in the U.S.in 2015, but it could be a major pain point in Europe, where borders are less of an obstacle to social connections.

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Facebook started to facilitate payments between UK Facebook Messenger users yesterday. According to research by Kenshoo published in December 2016, 53% of French Internet users and 48% of U.K. Internet users had Facebook Messenger.

From there, users can tap the Pay button and add their debit cards.

Payments take between one and three working days to clear into someone's account, depending on their bank account provider. There are an endless number of situations you might find yourself in, where you need to quickly send money to a friend, or maybe even receive money from said friend.

Facebook has allowed users in the United States to make payments on Messenger since 2015, but now it's expanding the reach of the service to other countries.

The Messenger payments system is simple to figure out.

Other firms in the US market include Square, which lets users swap money via its "Cash" app, and Paypal, which acquired payment service Venmo.