Chiefs fans thank Alex Smith by Donating to His Foundation

Feb 05, 2018, 06:07
Chiefs fans thank Alex Smith by Donating to His Foundation

ESPN reported Sunday that the Redskins are discussing using the franchise tag to retain Cousins for the objective of seeking a trade to recoup assets after agreeing to a deal earlier this week to acquire Alex Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs. The thinking: Instead of letting Cousins walk for nothing more than a compensatory pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Washington can get much more than that for what many team's consider a legit franchise quarterback. That begins on March 14. Everyone essentially received their answer when the Redskins made the move to acquire Smith, but Washington could still get something for Cousins while also regaining some of the compensation it sent to the Chiefs for Smith.

As Schefter notes, tagging Cousins for a third time would drastically impact other teams' draft and free agency strategies, and it would prevent the signal caller from choosing where he plays for the next four to five years.

However, Cousins still would be able to wield some control of the situation and could force Washington into a challenging if not uncomfortable situation. He played the past two years under the franchise tag, but the Redskins wanted to either sign him to a long-term deal or move on.

If he signs off on the franchise tag, he's guaranteed $34.5 million in 2018, but loses another year in which he could sign a long-term contract.

Cousins could also agree to the franchise tag, but then make it very hard for another team to trade for him - either by making exorbitant extensions demands or flat-out saying he won't play there beyond 2018.

Could Kirk Cousins be the solution for the Browns quarterback problems?

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Cousins did say earlier this week (via he does "expect to be a free agent", and he is projected as the top free-agent quarterback available. Every player looks forward to free agency.

Teams can begin utilizing the franchise tag on February 20.

Cousins has gone on the record as saying that money will not the sole determining factor, however, as after dealing with the Redskins he wants to join a stable franchise that can also win, which would take the Browns out of the running.

First, and perhaps foremost, the Browns have about $112 million in cap space this offseason, which is good for second most to spend in the National Football League (behind the San Francisco 49ers, who are thought to throw a lot at mid- season acquisition Jimmy Garoppolo). They believe it is nothing more than a business decision, a way for the team to try to get back at least the third-round pick it is trading to Kansas City for Smith. That gives the team an opportunity to draft a playmaker or two on offense to help Cousins.

Cousins may be interested in coming to a Cleveland team that is young and that has been stuck in a 20- some year rebuild.