Proposal to change Chinese president's term limits

Feb 26, 2018, 09:17
Proposal to change Chinese president's term limits

The Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee has proposed deleting the stipulation that "a president shall serve no more than two consecutive terms" from the constitution, the official Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.

Incumbent President Xi Jinping's first term will end sometime in March this year.

Before his fall from grace, Sun was seen as a youthful front-runner of the so-called "sixth generation" of post-revolution political leaders expected to assume their place in the government's top echelons when Xi's fifth generation fades from power.

The once-in-five-years Congress of the CPC last year approved Xi's ideology to be written into its Constitution-an honour that had been reserved only to modern China's founder Chairman Mao Zedong and his successor Deng Xiaoping.

The country's constitution was first adopted in 1982 and has not been amended since 2004.

Xi, 64, is now required by the country's constitution to step down as President after two five-year terms.

Xi will be 69 when the next Communist Party congress convenes in 2022.

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"What is happening is potentially very risky because the reason why Mao Zedong made one mistake after another was because China at the time was a one-man show", Lam said.

"Whether Xi ends up being Party Chairman or just remains Party Secretary doesn't really matter".

Analysts in Delhi believe that the world will have to pay "very close" attention to what Mr. Xi thinks as he is likely to be the president of China for an indefinite period.

The Xinhua announcement came after a Sunday meeting of the Politburo-the top 25 members of the Communist Party-and ahead of a meeting of the Central Committee starting Monday, which will discuss institutional changes to be taken up at the key party meetings this month.

Xi said the development of the Constitution has showed that establishing and implementing the Constitution were essential to building a strong and prosperous country.

"Once people know he will serve for who knows how long, it will strengthen his power and motivate everybody to bandwagon with him", said Zhang. Officials who have reached the age of 68 or older at the time of the congress customarily retire. "From anti-corruption campaign to comprehensively advancing the rule of law to profound economic restructuring, the CPC Central Committee with Xi at the core has sturdily opened a new era for a hopeful China".

The constitution will further ensure that party control over the country is not in any doubt, too, strengthening existing clauses about the leading role of the Communist Party in China. Although it maintains that " socialist system is basic system of People's Republic of China", adds a new phrase: "The trait that defines socialism with Chinese characteristics is leadership of Communist Party of China".