New weather satellite built in Colorado will launch on Thursday

Mar 04, 2018, 03:58
New weather satellite built in Colorado will launch on Thursday

Rockets by United Launch Alliance, a venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing, carried all those GOES. Like its twin, the satellite GOES-R is launched in 2016, he needs to significantly improve opportunities of early warning, forecasting and weather monitoring, to improve the efficiency of disaster response. ULA's current and heritage Atlas and Delta rockets have launched every GOES satellite, first launching in 1975. ULA has successfully delivered more than 125 satellites to orbit that aid meteorologists in tracking severe weather, unlock the mysteries of our solar system, provide critical capabilities for troops in the field and enable personal device-based GPS navigation. GOES 17 will extend observational high-resolution satellite coverage of the revolutionary new technology aboard GOES 16 to most of the Western Hemisphere, from the west coast of Africa to New Zealand, and from near the Arctic Circle to near the Antarctic Circle.

GOES-S is the second satellite in an approximately $11 billion effort that's already revolutionizing forecasting with astonishingly fast, crisp images of hurricanes, wildfires, floods, mudslides and other natural calamities.

At the news conference and at another one held earlier on February 27, NOAA and NASA researchers shared stories of how GOES-East's remarkably clear views have aided in search-and-rescue operations as well as in forecasting. "It allows the researchers to see the dynamics in a way that just looking at numbers just doesn't reveal - the visual impact is remarkable".

NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-S (GOES-S) is scheduled for launch around 3 p.m. MST in Florida.

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The new satellite will be called GOES-West when it becomes operational later this year. GOES-S will be designated GOES-17 upon reaching geostationary orbit. This ability has already been demonstrated by the first GOES satellite with wildfires in the Plains previous year. It also tracked the paths of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, providing crucial data as to which areas would be impacted the greatest.

GOES-16 "turned out to be better than we expected it to be", said National Weather Service director Louis Uccellini, on hand for Thursday's launch. The U.S. will soon have two of the most advanced weather satellites ever, operating in tandem.

Harris' responsibilities, however, don't end with launch as it also manages GOES ground systems, which receive and interpret data from the satellites for dissemination to forecasters, scientists and others.