Microsoft teases new Windows 10 S 'mode' in 2019

Mar 08, 2018, 02:00
Microsoft teases new Windows 10 S 'mode' in 2019

However, PCWorld senior editor Mark Hachman noted in a tweet yesterday that Futuresource's report did not specifically mention Windows 10 S. When it released Windows 10 S past year, Microsoft said it had developed the OS based on feedback from students, teachers, and school administrators around the world.

Now, for the odd part. The Redmond giant launched Windows 10 S in May a year ago as a lightweight version of Windows 10 - targeting schools and other institutions - to take on Google's Chrome OS. However - enterprise, education and server versions of Windows 10 have recently been updated to allow even the telemetry data tap to be completely turned off.

It was an interesting idea, but industry watchers were skeptical from the start. The firm also says that it will provide lower operational costs. Futuresource reported that Google's Chromebooks continue to dominate the USA school market, with a 59.6 percent share in the fourth quarter of 2017, but added that Microsoft has seen growing adoption through its expanding lineup of lower-cost, education-focused Windows devices. This is hugely significant, of course, because students who grow up using Chrome instead of Windows are more likely to continue using it as adults. If a user does decide to switch to Windows 10 Pro, it happens nearly immediately - within the first 24 hours of ownership for 60 percent of those that switch. While the stated intentions of the operating system - improved performance, security and reliability - appear to benefit users, the reality of having no desktop apps still isn't suitable for most customers. They need to clarify every single angle to the customers regarding the move, like specifically which devices will have the default enabling of S Mode, and so on. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter that there will be no "distinct version" going forward.

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When Microsoft introduced Windows 10S previous year, I was deeply concerned.

This platform will become available starting with the next release of Windows 10 that is set to arrive sometime later this month.

Windows 10 S saw a limited release on Microsoft Surface Laptop and other budget laptops. The big problem is that the control panels in Windows 10 Home and Pro don't allow you to disable all of Microsoft's data collection (such as telemetry and diagnostic data). Microsoft hasn't yet offered any additional details, so it remains to be seen if this will indeed be the case.