• Vista off life support today

    There's still some good news, however, as the Netmarket Share website, which tracks the popularity of operating systems on the internet, reports tha...

    Apr 13, 2017, 01:37
  • A lot of people are now using the Google Assistant on daily basis and in case they buy the Samsung Galaxy S8, then they might not have a good time wit...

    Apr 07, 2017, 02:10
  • Google machine learning gains Kaggle and more

    The company goes on to say that its new video API is targeted at consumer tech companies and large media organizations, and that it can help create m...

    Mar 10, 2017, 00:44
  • 30 die in Myanmar-China border town

    Another estimated 20,000 people remain internally displaced in Rakhine state in the west because of inter-communal and military conflicts with Rohingy...

    Mar 10, 2017, 00:39
  • Facebook 360 Debuts On Samsung Gear VR

    It's Facebook's brand-new, purpose-built app for browsing 360-degree photos and video, and it's launching today on Samsung's Gear VR. Vimeo's creato...

    Mar 09, 2017, 00:37
  • Apple Watch Series 3 To Use New Touch Panels

    The new support in version 5.13.0 makes full use of the built-in Global Positioning System found in the second-generation Apple Watch, meaning users o...

    Feb 25, 2017, 00:22
  • Amid the excitement surrounding a giraffe calf about to be born at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, there are questions from the community abo...

    Feb 24, 2017, 00:45
  • In the fist half of 2017, Verizon said the proving ground for the service will encompass "several hundred cell sites that cover several thousand custo...

    Feb 23, 2017, 00:42